Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ready for the embroidery / Lista para bordar

I took my time but I'm here. I sew the trim to the mesh and it is ready for the embroidery. Now I have to see what stitches I will use.
Tardé un poquito pero aquí estoy. Ya cosí la puntilla a la malla y está lista para ser bordada. Ahora a pensar que puntos de bordado voy a emplear.


My Paper World said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog! The lace that you make is very beautiful!
Nicola xx

Rita said...

Very beautiful work. Certainly different from what I have posted at, though I wonder if it is related.

How do you create the background?

Adriana Ortiz said...

Rita,the background I knit as you do on your work.But I use a smaller "guide",a tapestry needle no. 20 or smaller.
I couldn't send you a e-mail.I hope I answered your question.
Thank you for your visit!!!!